Breathability test for medical masks according to EN 14683

T9000 Series

specially designed for the approval of
surgical masks according to EN 14683

ForTest has decided to make its contribution in the fight against Covid19 by developing a new specific equipment for certification tests, complying with the EN 14683 standard, and thus facilitating the verification of all PPE in an easier and faster way.

Ready to Use

The new T9731 includes all modes specified in the standard in a fully automatic way, including validation of the equipment by a leak test using a second flow sensor (optional in the standard). It is able to measure the differential pressure directly, and the test procedure is automated step by step.


The instrument is equipped with a touch screen panel with 7" high resolution display, and the traceability of the tests is guaranteed by the front usb port, which stores the tests in .csv format. It is possible to supply on request also the sample holder for the test specimens (vacuum pump excluded).

The T9731-UNI EN 14683

The T9731-UNI EN 14683 is specifically designed to measure the adequate air flow rate in complete compliance with the EN 14683 standard to which constant reference is made. As shown in diagram C.1 on page 12 of the standard, the instrument is equipped with two mass-flow air flow meters with 0.0...20.0 nL/min scales (2.12 of the diagram - point C.2.1), a software-controlled servo valve unit (10 of the diagram - point C.2.4), and a double measurement of relative/differential pressure (M1 and M2) as expressly indicated in point C.2.2 . In order to comply with both ISO accreditation standards and the expectations of the reference standard, pressure measurements in "differential" mode (or pressure drop) are made in Pa or Pa/cm2 if the sample area in the TST menu is set with a diameter different from 1.00 cm2.

The connection "short form" attached to the manuals provides the connection to an external vacuum pump (C.2.3), not supplied. A special "mass flow sensors deviation" parameter allows a continuous comparison of the two flow sensors (which can be excluded by setting the threshold to 0%) in order to comply with the validation of C.2.5.5 in "Run-Time" mode. In addition to what is required by law, the instrumentation is able to measure both differential pressures (pressure drop) and relative pressures (mouthpiece head) in order to perform tests at controlled flow rate and constant pressure without distinction.

T9731-EN 14683 is able to perform in fully automatic mode all the procedures required by the standard: - "Breathability" tests, setting the test in "LOAD LOSS" mode as per Procedure in C.4; - "Equipment validation" tests (C.2.5.5) part 1 of Mass-Flow - "Equipment validation" tests (C.2.5.5) part 2 of Mass-Flow zero flow seal.

We thought the T9000 series as the maximum expression of technology in measurement systems, providing it with an advanced interface, useful for analysis and studies during prototyping or pre-series, as well as for production line tests. The large 7" colour display, set in a capacitive glass panel, allows total interaction in the internal menus and main-screen, and the "smart" test archive contains daily, monthly and specific analysis functions for each test program, so as to keep the quality level of your products controlled.


– Dual mass flow type flow sensor
– Fully automatic test flow adjustment (8,000 Lt/min)
– Automatic mass flow diagnostic check – Resolution 1 cc/min – 0,1 Pa
– HMI touchscreen controller
– Colour display
– USB pen drive for store results and test parameters
– Bluetooth Low Energy interface on-board
– Real Time Graph of pressure and decay
– 300 Test Programs
– USB Type-B female connector for PC
– 6 Languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese)
– Mechanical Start/Stop button
– Firmware upgrade via USB key
– Password protection
– 24V I/O (Start, Stop, Filling, Test, Good, Reject, 4BCD)
– Unit measure available: Pa/cm2, mbar, bar, psi, mmHg,
mmH20, Pa, HPa, cc/min, cc/min, cc/h

Measurement data

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